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Course Description

The objective of the course is to help SIROs and IAOs understand HMG Information Assurance policy and how it accords with current global standards good practice in Risk Management and Information Governance. The course delivers a solid understanding of HMG Security Policy Framework and how the requirements translate into practical policies and procedures consistent with ISO 27001. Information Security and Information Risk Assessment and mitigation HMG policy on Knowledge Management and Intellectual Property and associated risk factors that the SIRO and the IAS may have to address. At the end of the course SIROs and IAOs will have a clear view of their responsibilities. accountabilities and duties.

Key Topics

  •  Detailed review of HMG IA policy
  •  Security principles and policies
  •  Information Risks and Risk Assessment methodologies
  •  Information Assurance assessment methodology
  •  Data Protection and FOI
  •  Information Security
  •  Knowledge Management issues
  •  Intellectual Property issues
  •  How to create a security aware culture
  •  Forensic Readiness

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Who Should Attend?

This course will significantly benefit: Senior Information Asset Owners (SIRO), Information Asset Owners (IAO), Designated Security Officers (DSO), Accounting Officers (AO), Information Technology Security Officers (ITSO), Departmental Records Officers (DRO,) IT Managers, Information Security Managers

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